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Henry Sloane is a privately owned residential development company operating in the UK and Rep. of Ireland

Founded in 2003 in London, we have through our associated companies acted as proprietor developer over a broad and diverse range of prime Central London property projects. We also actively operate in the Irish market, where we deliver bespoke apartments in key central Dublin locations.

We are an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) conscientious company. Our goal is to construct more-sustainable buildings, by means of new eco-friendly materials, smart technological heating, heat recovery ventilation, and waste water reduction. Energy efficient A-rated homes deliver energy and carbon reduction, while residents enjoy a vastly improved dwelling environment.

We analyse property market demographics and seek to reduce bottle-necks in the market to create more socially beneficial alternatives for home movers.

Our homes support our buyers' decision to achieve a successful transition to a low-energy, low-carbon future.
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